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Welcome To Tana's Wellness Spa!

Located at Ricca Donna Salon in Orange, CA

Holistic skin therapy and holistic body therapy.
My approach is beauty through wellness and health.

Facials and Holistic Skin Care Carlsbad CA

It's all about renewal with our holistic skin care therapy options.. I offer 20+ facial options, plus all the latest state-of-the-art skin care treatments available. 

Massage and Body Work Carlsbad CA

Experience the healing power of touch! I offer an extremely wide range of massage and body work specialties.

I offer a wide array of specialty services to help you re-shape and re-balance your body naturally. 

Spa Packages Carlsbad CA

Discover the perfect combination of harmony, serenity, purity, tranquility, and enchantment.

About Tana And Her Philosophy

I'm Tana Diaz, and I'm committed to providing the most relaxing and professional treatments available.  

My approach is beauty through wellness and health.  I embrace cultural healing remedies with optimism and care.  I see a future that will unite beauty and health as one.

I want you to experience the touch of healing hands in a wellness environment that is as tranquil as nature itself. 

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Leave behind the day's stress...and breathe.  Let it go and let it flow!
All of my services are based on The Power Of Three Paths:


Breathe. Let it go...all of it. Start fresh by releasing all forms of toxins from your body, mind, and spirit through gentle cleansing. Let the cleansing empower your path. 


Find the beauty from within. Know it and own it. Your path has already begun and each step becomes easier as you begin to simplify your life. Begin to just let it flow...


The vital energy that is within your life force is rejuvenated. As your path continues, the power of healing touch, breath work, and energy work helps you feel and look as never before. 

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