Massage And Body Work

Experience the power of touch!  I offer an incredible selection of massage and body work options.  

Contact me to schedule now.  Appointments typically fill up quickly. 

All of my treatments are based on The Power Of Three Paths:

Experience the power of touch!  I offer an incredible selection of massage and body work options.  

Contact me to schedule now.  Appointments typically fill up quickly. 

All of my treatments are based on The Power Of Three Paths:




Please contact me if you would like help deciding.

I'm happy to help you determine which services are best for you.


Coffee Latte Scrub  |  $65
Who needs to drink it?

Try relaxing as this super sugar scrub smooths as it soothes.  Milk softens and coffee stimulates to help draw impurities.  No decaf or calorie counting here.
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Green Tea Scrub  |  $65
As good as the facial, only better because it's your whole body. 

This antioxidant scrub not only promotes oxygenation, it also improves circulation.  With the addition of honey, it nourishes and soothes.
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Full Body Pumpkin Peel Treatment  |  $180 for 75 Min
A truly remarkable treatment!

Treat your body to a powerful antioxidant which directly stimulates the production of collagen and elastins.  The unique sequences of amino acids characteristic of the pumpkin family mesh well with skin proteins.  This treatment keeps cell regeneration on a healthy path through an activation of epidermal calcium-proteins. 
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Sea Salt Glow  |  $80 for 45 Min
Mineral salts awaken and soothe

Aromatherapy oils are massaged into the body to calm and sooth while mineral salts awaken and sooth the skin.
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Body Silk  |  $80 for 45 Min
Incredible body exfoliation. 

An invigorating and stimulating treatment for a healthy radiant glow. 
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Body Bronzing  |  $110 for 75 Min
The only safe way to tan.

Starts with a skin smoothing body buff and finishes with a St. Tropez tan.  Ask for special instructions.

Vacation Tan  |  $200 for 75 Min
- An even better deal on the only safe way to tan.

Body bronzing plus 2 follow-ups and product for home maintenance.

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Moor Mud Body Wrap  |  $145 for 75 Min
A truly organic experience.

Moor mud is an excellent treatment from head to toe with over 1000 plant extracts and trace minerals to draw out impurities and stimulate blood circulation.  This treatment leaves your skin feeling energized.
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Tana's Signature Massages  |  $150 each
Balance and harmonize the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

SPIRIT: A gentle stress relieving massage designed to quiet the mind, allowing you to get in touch with your deeper rhythms.  Benefits include stress relief, deep relaxation, and increased mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.  An incredible experience.  75 minutes.

EARTH: A deep muscular massage designed to release tension, loosen muscles, and free restrictions.  Benefits include muscle lengthening, increased range of motion, and improved posture.  Very grounding.  75 minutes.

FIRE: A rejuvenating and revitalizing massage designed to loosen blocks, relieve stress, and energize the body.  Benefits include increased circulation, increased vitality, and activation of body systems.  A very uplifting massage.  75 minutes.
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Deep Tissue Massage  |  $145 for 60 minutes or $185 for 90 minutes
A more intense experience

Deep tissue massage is more intensive.  This technique uses slow, deep-guided strokes and firm pressure designed to relieve severe tension and reach below superficial muscles.  Deep pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  These techniques are used to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle "knots" or adhesions (bands of painful rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation.  May include hot stones or massage cupping.  And unforgettable massage!!
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Prenatal Massage  |  $110  |  60 Min
- A special massage for that special time.

This massage relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, assists in maintaining proper posture, reduces swelling and provides for emotional well-being.  Support pillows are provided for your comfort.
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Swedish Massage  |  $110 for 60 minutes or $140 for 90 minutes
- The classic European massage.

Improves circulation, releases stress, reduces muscle fatigue and leaves you feeling calm and content.
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Scalp Treatment Massage  |  $75 for 45 Min
- Tension relieving.

Optional: Add on a special organic masque for detox after your scalp treatment massage for $10
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Aromatherapy Massage  |  $130 for 60 minutes or $180 for 90 minutes
- Choose your essence.

Light, soothing, and nurturing, yet very powerful.  It will lift and calm your spirit.  Choose your essence of calming, relaxing, invigorating, or balancing.
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Aqua Chi Foot Detox  |  $85 for 45 minutes
- Stimulates the body to enable self-detoxification.

Restores energy.  Using ionic technique this foot soak uses a saline conductor to circulate ions via electrolysis to neutralize free radicals.  The result is the whole body detoxifies through the skin.  Ionic cleansing through the feet has been shown to be very effective in reducing menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, skin problems, sleep disorders, stress, wrinkles, yeast infections, joint problems, and any other number of chronic symptoms.
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Sa-Wan Therapy Experience  |  $200 for 90 minute experience
- Defined as paradise, heaven, or Garden of Eden in the Thai Language.

Sa-Wan would like to take you on a trip to Paradise with the Thai Herbal Ball Experience.  It brings that sense of balance and equilibrium to the body, mind and spirit, that enables one to experience the inner peace you feel when reaching the destiny of the Sa-Wan Therapy.
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**Includes take-home poultice

Bamboo Ritual Massage  |  $175 for 90 minute experience
- Let your body flow into a unique path of relaxation.

Nature has done it again.  Similar to hot stone, the warm soothing bamboo and rattan tools can take the stress away...far away.  The bamboo essence offers strength, resilience, clarity, and peace.  The slow rhythmical movements ease stagnant toxins to the surface, and another age old technique of cupping sweeps away what has surfaced from the treatment.  It's a path you'll want to take again and again.
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Reiki Therapy  |  $110 for 60 minutes or $145 for 90 minutes
Balance the body's energy.

An ancient holistic healing technique that unlocks energy and promotes a state of total relaxation and well being.  Reiki balances the body's energy, reduces stress, and re-establishes harmony on all levels. 
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Stress Reduction  |  $85 for 30 minutes
- Feel a deep sense of calm and balance.

Soothing strokes release the tension from your muscles and you will feel a deep sense of calm and balance.
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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  |  $145 for 80 minutes
A deeply profound physical, mental, and emotionally relaxing experience.

The ancient Hawaiian Kahunas practiced a sacred healing art of integrated energy bodywork to awaken the essence of a physical body.  The touch used consists of continuous flowing and nurturing strokes like gentle waves cascading up and down your body.  Hands and forearms use light to deep pressure with warm, healing oils and soothing movements.  
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Tana's Hot Stone Therapy  |  $150 for 80 minutes
- Return to nature with an ancient technique with transformational powers.

Experience a luxurious and relaxing warm stone therapeutic massage created to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease tension.  Customize the experience by adding your favorite essential oils and become one with Mother Earth. 
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Hot Poultice Massage |  $150 for 75 Min
- Relieve stress and release energy

This wellness treatment begins with warm oil drizzled over the body. Then, heated poultices are used to deepen the massage using energy pathways, pressure points, and lymphatic drainage to create a truly sumptuous experience.  The fragrant therapeutic nature of the oil synergies make this an exotic, heavenly experience.

**included a take home poultice product for home bath use.
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Reflexology  |  $1.50 per minute, 30 minute minimum
- Relieve stress and release energy

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Pressure points of the feet, hands, and ears corresponding to specific organs of the body, are massaged to relieve stress and release energy throughout your entire body.
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