Tana’s Wellness Spa Reviews

Located in Orange, CA, Tana's Wellness Spa is led by Tana Diaz. Here are some recent reviews:

So here's some info on Tana -- Tana has been in the healing arts for over 30 years. Tana is versed in just about every area of massage that there is, as well as having some incredible technology that she uses in her spa. She is a strong but gentle soul who assists and facilitates her clients in clearing out the physical and emotional tension in their bodies."
Shay S. Tustin, Ca.


"The best kept secret in Orange County. Incredible menu, phenomenal service, and great prices!!!"
Maureen S. Newport Coast, Ca.


"Some time ago, I was feeling incredibly lethargic and really lacked some much needed energy. Like you I was curious about Massage Cupping. I gave it a try and purchased a package of eight visits. After the third session, I not only had much more energy, but I had started to notice other benefits:

-I slept throughout the night;
-I noticed my skin get clearer, smoother, softer and my eczema was very much under control;
-I noticed improvement in my breathing (no wheezing);
-I became more mobile and agile during my workouts;
-I experienced relief from tension and muscle pain;
-I became more regular when using the bathroom; and at the end of the package…
-I lost weight (and 1 full pant size!)

If you are like me, we are often taking care of others and neglect ourselves. Invest in yourself! I am a believer of this therapy and now refer to it as “Miracle Cupping.” Give it a try. The cupping will do miracles, just you wait and see!
-MVR, Anaheim Hills, CA (Proud Tana's Wellness Spa Client)


"Every time I visit a city or take a cruise I like to find a spa and treat myself to a massage. Knowing that I would visit Anaheim, I checked on the internet to find a spa that appealed to me. Tana's Wellness Spa did just that. The website immediately caught my attention. I called and made an appointment. Tana and Tony made me feel so comfortable from the beginning. My experience at Tana's Wellness Spa was very relaxing and beneficial. I enjoyed every minute of it. The spa is beautiful and Tana and Tony operate it in a very professional manner. I have been to many spas in here and abroad and I rank it in the top 5 of all of my spa experiences!"
-Lisa H., Springfield, Ohio


"The warm and tranquil experience just begins as she first greets you. An overall sense of relaxation and peace follows as Tana begins your specially tailored treatment. You always feel her deep and strong energy that she puts into any treatment, always leaving you feeling pampered and special. I can never get enough of the amazing services Tana has to offer."
-Alana C., Orange, Ca


"Tana is simply amazing. Everything she does is great. She has so much pride in what she does, so she makes sure her clients are absolutely happy when they come out after a session with her, regardless what they went in for."
-Aracely R., Brea, Ca


"Time with Tana awakens your senses yet touches and calms your soul."
-Johhnie M., Anaheim Hills, Ca


"Tana has been caring for my skin for more than a decade now. I get compliments
on how good my face looks... and I'm over 40, so that's a great compliment to the care that Tana gives."
-Karen J., Orange, Ca


"Tana truly has healing hands. Whether it's the Lomi Lomi or her special massage. I never want it to end."
-Diane F., Irvine, Ca


I met Tana when she worked at the salon where I had my hair done. I was immediately drawn to her energy and warmth. We got to know each other and I met with her professionally for many of her services, including massage and waxing. Her massage, which included Reiki and other healing modalities, was the best I had ever received. Although I've moved out of state now, when I am in Orange County, I still schedule time with Tana for one of her services. She is warm, intuitive and caring- as well as professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an "ultimate experience."
Barbara V., Washington



I want to express my warmest wishes for your success with your new spa "Tana's Wellness Spa." I know your hard work and tender touch will make your spa a special haven for individuals who want total relaxation and rejuvenation.

I personally would like to say over the past 10 years we have known each other, and the time you have spent making my skin the loveliest it could be. No other techniques compare to yours. I regularly receive compliments on my skins condition and overall quality. Your treatments leave my skin glowing, free of impurities and as smooth as silk. I would have no one else take care of my skin care needs.

I know you continue to advance your knowledge and skills through courses, providing me with the latest techniques in your field. I have really enjoyed the different applications and seen their effects. The skin care line which you carry "Jan Marini" is the best product I have ever used. I have tried other products, and nothing compares to the various lotions and cleansers distributed by this company.

Finally, I have never met anyone who loves their work in such a heartfelt manner as you. You are truly dedicated to your clients, their lives and ensuring they leave feeling cared for by your healing touch. I wish you all the blessing and love towards your new endeavor and know you will be a great success. We as your clients are lucky to have you care for our needs.
Jennifer W., Villa Park, Ca


I have known Tana Diaz for about three years. She is a remarkable person. She is highly educated in the fields of skin care and massage. She is always striving to update her skills to learn new techniques and to try new products. She is consistently creating new and innovative facials to meet her client’ needs.

Tana is intuitive, caring and totally committed to caring for others. She is a unique individual who receives as much pleasure and energy from caring for her clients as they do in receiving her facials and massage services.

I recommend Tana’s facial and massage services to all of my friends and family.
Debbie H., Mission Viejo

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