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2021 Mother’s Day Specials

Let me help you find that Special gift to pamper that Special Woman in your life. Your mother waited on you hand and foot. Don’t you think you should pamper her from Head to Toe? What about the mother of your children or your best friend?

At Tana’s Wellness Spa I’ve designed a Special Treatment just for them.

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February 2021 Specials: It Is Time

It’s time…

Reaffirm and renew. February is a time for love and pampering.

Flowers are great but don’t last very long. Chocolate is good, incredible actually, but it’s really best on the outside of the body as in a chocolate massage.

This year it’s time to think outside the box!
It’s not only about happiness and beauty it’s about health and wellness too.

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October 2020 Specials: Healing Metals

This is it! This is the time of year you really need to pay attention to your health. Fall is in the air and when the seasons change so does your health and your skin.

At Tana’s Wellness Spa, I know just what you need to look and feel better. You’ll not only feel fabulous, but your skin will glow with inner health and beauty.

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March Specials: Mojitos in March!

Here comes March again. What does it really mean?

It means it’s time to Renew, it’s time to Refresh, and most of all it’s time for Mojitos!

That’s right. There are times when you have to stay with the classics. Mojitos in March
is one of our most sought after treatments and we only do it in March. So call
Tana’s Wellness Spa and reserve your time today.

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