September 2021: Facial and Massage Specials

It’s time to get ready for the beautiful Fall season and get the kids back to school. Change is in the air so it’s time for you to do a little primping and get your face and body glowing.
Some of you may be wondering where the year has gone.

Relax…at Tana’s Wellness Spa I know what it takes to make you look and feel young and vibrant again.

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A Whole New World

This last year and a half has had an enormous effect on everyone. Some bad and some good…

I don’t know many that have come out of this unaffected either financially, healthwise, or losing family members or friends due to Covid 19.

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De-Stress While You Breathe

Everyone is so busy these days. Getting the kids from school to after school activities or to soccer practice on time. Going to the dry cleaners or the market. Making sure to cook a healthy dinner that everyone will like. You get the idea though. Sometimes you just don’t seem to have enough time or energy to get it all done.

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July 2021: Gold Medal Olympic Specials!

I am so excited! July is here and the fun is just beginning. We get to celebrate our country’s
Independence on the 4th of July and we get to witness history with the 2021 Summer Olympics. You have to take your hat off to those who will have the honor of representing our Country and go for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. At Tana’s Wellness Spa, I will do
my best to inspire our Athletes and our Clients.

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Be Your Own Olympian

Goodness, Summer is here and that means the 2021 Summer Olympics are here too. I don’t know about the rest of you, but we take the Olympics seriously. Maybe it’s a sense of tribal or team pride, or a sense of unity we feel when cheering on our USA team.

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Live, Love, and Laugh

Sounds simple doesn’t it. We all know that’s what life should be about. Sometimes we forget how important simple living is. We get so caught up in what we are supposed to do with our lives that we forget to embrace the Gift of Life that we are given everyday.

Here are a few simple, yet profound, reminders of how we can enhance everyday day living…one day at a time.

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2021 Mother’s Day Specials

Let me help you find that Special gift to pamper that Special Woman in your life. Your mother waited on you hand and foot. Don’t you think you should pamper her from Head to Toe? What about the mother of your children or your best friend?

At Tana’s Wellness Spa I’ve designed a Special Treatment just for them.

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