Monthly Archives: November 2021

December 2021: Chocolate Facial and Massage Specials

Let’s get you ready for the Holidays. It’s time for all the wonderful and exciting Holiday festivities. Whether you need to look like a million or feel like a million, I can help. Remember, you need to nurture yourself as well as others. The weather outside has been crazy. It’s been either too hot or too cold. Your health, your body, and your skin have really taken a beating. It’s time to empower your health and your skin, so let’s do it the right way. At Tana’s Wellness Spa, I love to be creative. Now is the time to call and book an appointment for a truly incredible treatment.

Please know that I wish you and yours The Best Holiday Season Ever!!!

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Thank You’s and Gratitude

‘Tis the season to show Thank You’s and Gratitude. When the Christmas tree is up and decorated and family and friends gather around, it’s a good time to share your blessings. If you are not sure where to begin, why not begin at the beginning. Some people let fear of emotions or embarrassment from telling others how they have touched their lives. That’s OK but wouldn’t it make you smile if a friend or loved one let you know how grateful they are for the time you pitched in and helped with the kids or helped with the dishes after a big wonderful meal.

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