December 2021: Chocolate Facial and Massage Specials


Let’s get you ready for the Holidays. It’s time for all the wonderful and exciting Holiday festivities. Whether you need to look like a million or feel like a million, I can help. Remember, you need to nurture yourself as well as others. The weather outside has been crazy. It’s been either too hot or too cold. Your health, your body, and your skin have really taken a beating. It’s time to empower your health and your skin, so let’s do it the right way. At Tana’s Wellness Spa, I love to be creative. Now is the time to call and book an appointment for a truly incredible treatment.

Please know that I wish you and yours The Best Holiday Season Ever!!!

Please call Tana's Wellness Spa and reserve your time today.


Moor Mud has been around for thousands of years and the benefits of Detoxing today are just as beneficial as they were in the days of Cleopatra. The Queen of health and indulgence really knew her stuff. A lot of the Rituals she did for Health and Beauty are still used today.

I begin this treatment with an Enzyme based Cleanser to clean and remove your make up. A second cleansing is done with my Special Cleaning Brush to get your skin eleven times cleaner.

While adding Steam to open your pores, the Moor Mud is applied. Moor Mud has thousands of Plant and Mineral Extracts that are great for Dehydration, over Consumption of Holiday treats, and overall Imbalances of the skin. This really is an amazing treat for your skin.

Once the Moor Mud is removed, gentle Extractions are done and a Warmed Chocolate Scented Oil is applied for a Relaxing Facial Massage.

A Custom Chocolate Mask is then applied to further enhance this delicious treatment.

Oh, and on top of that you get a Chocolate Treat for being so good to yourself!!! You truly Deserve Moor Chocolate!

75 Minutes
Normally $185, but now through the end of December ONLY $145
Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, your body deserves a treat too. Carrying all those packages and sending all those cards can make your body take on a little extra Holiday Stress. Your body gets you to where you need to go so you should pamper yourself and a loved one with this Stone & Chocolate Bliss Massage.

It starts with a Gentle Rocking of the body to assess any extra Issues with your Tissues.

Warmed Scented Chocolate Oil is then Drizzled on your body and you really Connect with this Massage.

Then your body truly begins to melt as Warmed Stones are applied to your body and you are now in Stoned Chocolate Bliss.

I finish off with a Gentle Rocking to bring you back to Balance. Need I say more?

75 Minute Treat
Normally $185, but now through the end of December ONLY $145
Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000

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