Monthly Archives: February 2022

March 2022 Specials: Mojitos In March

Here comes March again. What does it really mean?

It means it’s time to Renew, time to Refresh, and most of all it’s time for Mojitos!

That’s right. There are times when you have to stay with the classics. Mojitos in March is one of our most sought after treatments and we only do it in March. So call Tana’s Wellness Spa and reserve your time today.

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Eat Healthy and Be Healthy

We all want to improve ourselves. It’s not just about the weight anymore. It’s about feeling Healthier and attaining Wellness.

We’ve all tried to go on diets and get rid of those unwanted pounds so we can fit into a certain dress for a special event. Then the incredible happens! The weight we thought we lost finds us again and brought along some friends!!! That’s when we scream “what happened. I tried so hard”.

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