March 2022 Specials: Mojitos In March


Here comes March again. What does it really mean?

It means it’s time to Renew, time to Refresh, and most of all it’s time for Mojitos!

That’s right. There are times when you have to stay with the classics. Mojitos in March is one of my most sought after treatments and I only do it in March. 

Please call Tana's Wellness Spa and reserve your time today.


This refreshing Cuban drink is very tasty. It’s not only refreshing but it’s energizing as well. I knew it would translate well made into a facial and it became an immediate hit.

This wonderful treatment starts with a Citrus Enzyme Cleanser. The Enzymes do all the hard work by breaking down dead skin cells and helping to gently soften any blackheads. The amazing Special Cleansing Brush also does wonders as it helps the Enzymes work deeper and more effectively in the skin.

Next, a Special Enzyme Mask s applied to make your skin soft and supple making the way for Gentle Extractions that are done to keep your skin clear.

This is followed by an Essential Oil blend that is Massaged into the skin to relax your senses.

Then a Special Mojito Mask made with Cucumber, Mint, Lime, and Clay will refresh your skin even more.

The aromas are amazing and the effectiveness of the blend will Rejuvenate your skin to a Soft and Natural glow.

60 Minutes
Normally $160, but now through the end of March ONLY $130
Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000


Need a boost in your step? Still feeling a little sluggish from the Holidays? Maybe it’s time for a Massage in Motion Treatment.

This Amazing Treatment is a wonderful blend of Swedish, Swedish-American, and Myofascial work.

Along with the relaxing and soothing strokes you’re used to, this Massage includes many stretching moves to help energize your body.

All of us have a tendency to get tight and “knotty”. This treatment will do your body wonders by getting the “kinks” out and getting your body back in Synch.

Massage in Motion will keep you Marching on.

60 Minutes
Normally $160, but now through the end of March ONLY $130
Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000

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