June 2024 Specials

It's Time For Dads and Grads and You!

At Tana's Wellness Spa I want to make sure it is a very Special time. I love to bring on the unique and unusual treats that you and your skin love. So…

So call Tana's Wellness Spa and reserve your time today.


Get Jaded In June With A Tana's Jade Facial

It sounds crazy but your skin will love it!

I begin by Cleansing your skin with Special Cleansers using my favorite Clarisonic Brush. This gets your skin fresh and really clean. Then a Special Enzyme is applied that is chosen for your specific skin needs. As always Gentle Extractions are done as needed.

Your skin is then Molded and Massaged to total relaxation. A Mask is then artfully applied to Firm, Hydrate, and Tighten. Now cooled Special Jade Rollers are used to Invigorate, Refresh and bring New Life to your skin.

Jade has been used for centuries by the Japanese Dynasty to promote Youth and Beauty. This finishing touch is unbelievable! Wait until you experience this!!!

75 Minutes
Normally $165, but now through the end of June ONLY $125

Call Now: 714.309.5075


This massage has it all!

Healing Hands applied with a caring touch, Aromatherapy to lift your spirits, and Stones from Mother Earth to soothe your soul.

This is perfect for stressed out Dads or Grads or anyone who needs total pampering.

Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone that promotes Inner Healing and Self Love.

Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind by Calming and Stimulating as needed. It also helps to instill a Spiritual Balance.

Copper is also Very Beneficial and is induced through the skin. It has over one hundred Vital Benefits including Rebuilding the Skin Tissue, Reproduction of Collagen, Reducing Inflammation, and Relief of Arthritic Conditions and Muscular Aches. It also Releases Tension and gives you just what you need to Unwind.

Your Renewed Energy will amaze you. Go ahead and book it! You deserve it!

75 Minutes
Normally $165, but now through the end of June ONLY $125
Call Now: 714.309.5075

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