Live, Love, and Laugh

Sounds simple doesn’t it. We all know that’s what life should be about. Sometimes we forget how important simple living is. We get so caught up in what we are supposed to do with our lives that we forget to embrace the Gift of Life that we are given everyday.

Here are a few simple, yet profound, reminders of how we can enhance everyday day day at a time.

Wake up every morning with a big smile. Say a quick Thank You for waking up Healthy and Alive!

Stretch before and after you get out of bed. Give your body time to wake up and stimulate your lymphatic system before you start your day. Do Oil Pulling, a simple method to help Detox your body. Drink a glass of water and give yourself a bonus boost by adding fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar which will alkalize your body and give you more energy. This also helps to detox your body. Dry brush your entire body. This will tighten and cleanse your body and only takes a few minutes. Eat a good healthy breakfast and always start your day with good intentions.

While doing your morning stretching, give yourself a hug. It will make you smile and feel better. It also gets your endorphins working. Tell those that you love that you love them. Tell them everyday. Remember that everyday is a gift, not a guarantee.

Forgive someone who has angered you. They may not care but it will give you Peace and give you back your own energy. Take care to look your best and act your best even if no one is watching. It really makes a difference. Take a few minutes during the day to Inhale Love and Exhale Gratitude. Pay attention to any little positive changes and be proud of what you accomplish every day.

This should never be hard. Make sure you Laugh everyday. Even at yourself! All of us makes mistakes during the day so give yourself a break and laugh it off and let it go. Most of us take things we have no control over too seriously. We then give those things control to take over our health. So learn to stop, breathe, laugh it off and then let it go. Better yet watch a funny show or movie with those you love to laugh with. Remember laughter is always the best medicine. Laughter reduces your blood pressure and your heart rate while it enhances your overall energy. Best of all it’s contagious!

So get to Living, get to Loving, and get to Laughing. This will make everyday your best day ever!!!

Be Well,