Nourish Your Body and Feed Your Soul

Nourish Your Body and Feed Your Soul

Nourish Your Body and Feed Your Soul
Those are definitely powerful words to live by. Yet sometimes we all forget how to do these things.

We need to remember that life is always revolving and we need to keep our minds open to making changes and to make these changes with grace. I am always looking for ways to help you keep the energy flowing within yourselves and I felt motivated to share one of my special meditations with you.


Spirit is ever present and constant in my life.

It is always renewing.

I allow this renewal to be a force for change.

Many of my old habits simply do not work for me anymore.

I have outgrown them. I shed them, leaving space for new, bigger ideas for my life.

I surrender to the new.

I let Spirit work through me and bring out the good that resides inside me.

I peel away each layer and expand to a more powerful me.

I am an infinite well to be tapped.

I give thanks for the process.

I look forward to expressing the newness as me.

And so it is.


I am so sorry I don’t know who wrote this. To me it’s beautiful and inspiring. I have shared it with many of the people that I have been honored to meet and my hope is that you will use and share it too.

Be well,