July 2021: Gold Medal Olympic Specials!


I am so excited! July is here and the fun is just beginning. We get to celebrate our country’s
Independence on the 4th of July and we get to witness history with the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. You have to take your hat off to those who will have the honor of representing our Country and go for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. At Tana's Wellness Spa, I will do
my best to inspire our Athletes and our Clients.

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24K Gold Facial

You are very special to me and you deserve to be Pampered with a 24K Gold Facial Pathway.

Let the relaxation begin.

It all starts with the perfect cleanser for your skin. I take clean seriously, so I clean your skin and then reclean your skin again using the Special Cleansing Brush to really clean every last pore. Next come the Enzymes that will make your skin glow.

Then Gentle Extractions, as always, are a necessary benefit. Your Facial Massage is enhanced with warmed Copper (representing the Bronze), helping to energize your skin as well as chase away any inflammation. Next, for the Silver, I Rehydrate the skin with a Special Hyaluronic Acid Serum which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. To help your skin drink it up, a 24K Gold Rejuvenation Mask is applied over the Serum for amazing Skin Firming effects.

This High Performance Mask will give you that winning glow. What an Olympic Gift!!!

75 Minutes
Normally $200, but now through the end of July ONLY $165
Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000

Gold Medal Massage

You are already a winner. You’ve worked hard for your accomplishments and you deserve to be Pampered and Sculpted.

This massage begins with Warmed Oils that are drizzled on your body to Warm up your Muscles. Warmed Copper (for the Bronze) is placed on strategic points of your body and then Warmed Copper Spheres are used to Melt Away Muscle Tension. This also helps to wake up your cells and Soothe away Inflammation. It feels soo good.

To really set this massage apart from others, Silver and Gold Sheen Obsidian are used and make this an incredible massage. These are Unique featured Stones of Glass that are as beautiful as they feel. They contain a Natural Silicone that helps you take relaxation to the next level. The Stones have a Healing Property of keeping you Grounded and Centered.

75 Minutes
Normally $200, but now through the end of July ONLY $165

Call Now: 714.309.5075 or 714.628.0000

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